Our fare packages

With Chair Airlines' fares‚ the choice is yours. Choose exactly the fare that suits your needs. You only pay for the services and amenities that you actually want to use.


The basic fare at the lowest price.

The Basic fare is the ideal choice if you are travelling with hand luggage (8kg, 55x40x20cm) only and know exactly when you will be flying. Changes are excluded with this fare and a refund is not possible. You can add a baggage item or seat reservation up to 48 hours before departure for an additional fee.

Flex (recommended)

This fare includes the usual services.

The Flex fare is recommended if you are travelling with baggage and want some flexibility. Tickets booked at this fare can be changed up to 48 hours before departure for a fee. It also includes a seat reservation in the standard seat zone (A319 Row 12-27, A320 Row 15-32). This fare is non-refundable.


The flexible fare with more comfort.

The Comfort fare is designed for passengers who need more flexibility when planning their journey and wish to have certain convenience features. Tickets at this fare can be rebooked up to 48 hours before departure (price difference possible) and 100% refunded to the Chair Airlines customer account in the event of cancellation. The Comfort fare also includes one piece of baggage weighing up to 32 kilograms and a seat reservation.