Preorder Meals

As a passenger of Chair Airlines‚ you will enjoy delicious meals from the kitchen of our partner Gate Gourmet. All menus and sandwiches are freshly prepared shortly before the flight using seasonal ingredients of Swiss origin. The new offer is available on all Chair Airlines flights exclusively on pre-order.

On every flight we offer soft drinks, coffee and tea, alcoholic drinks and a limited number of sweet and salty snacks for sale. Sandwiches and hot meals (except roasted chicken breast with morel sauce and breakfast plate) are only available on pre-order. 


Ordering food for regular customers

If you have made your booking via our website, you can add your ancillary service via "Manage Booking". Ancillary services can be added to your booking up to 48 hours prior to the day of departure.


Ordering food for travel agency customers

If you booked your flight trough a travel agency or tour operator, you can add additional services bellow. You must be in possession of a valid flight booking. Please note that when booking the additional service, the names must exactly match those of the existing flight booking (incl. second names etc.). You can add additional services up to 48 hours prior to the day of departure by using the link bellow. 

Depending on the tour operator, you can log into your flight booking by using the booking number of your trip via "Manage Booking" 



The following meals can be pre-ordered (on flights from 01 May 2024):

Älpler Magronen

Traditional Swiss pasta dish with veal bacon, gruyere cheese, potatoes and apple slices


Züri Geschnetzeltes

Tender chicken meat, "rösti" and mixed vegetables


Chicken Breast

Roasted chicken breast with morel sauce, tagliatelle and ratatouille


Braised Beef

Braised beef with corn polenta bramata and glazed carrots



Cheese-herb-ravioli with tomato and courgette cubes and Taggiasca olives


Salmon Fillet

Sautéed salmon fillet on teriyaki sauce with steamed yasmin rice and Asian vegetables


Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu with raclette cheese, potato gratin and spinach leaves


Thai Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry with green peppers, baby corn, mushrooms, potatoes, garlic and coriander, served with steamed rice


Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled egg with chives, spinach leaves, potato muffin and chicken sausage


Chicken Sandwich

Rosmary focaccia mit with roasted chicken breasr, gruyere cheese, mayonnaise and caramelized onions


Caprese Sandwich

Olive bread with mozarella, dried tomatoes, rocket salad and pesto


Stone Oven Pizza

Stone oven pizza with tomato sauce and mozarella


Kid's Menu

Chicken-cheese-sandwich, fruit salad, Capri Sun and a sweet surprise


Hot Dog (Chicken)

Served with mustard and Ketchup


French Fries

Served with Ketchup and Mayonnaise



Home-made traditional, Swiss Müsli with seasonal fruits


Moët Champagne 0.2l



The advantages of pre-ordering your meal:

Fast service

Pre-ordered meals are prepared and served to passengers shortly after take-off. 


Less food waste

Several kilograms of aircraft food are destroyed daily. By pre-ordering your meal‚ we only produce what will be consumed. Your contribution to reducing food waste! 


More choice

You can choose from a wide range of vegetarian and vegan meals. We also have a varied selection for meat lovers. Of course‚ we also spoil our little guests with a delicious children's menu and a little surprise. On each flight‚ we offer soft drinks‚ coffee and tea‚ alcoholic beverages‚ and a limited number of sweet and savory snacks for sale. The sandwiches‚ salads‚ and hot meals are only available on pre-order.