Checked Baggage

General free baggage allowance for baggage in cargo hold

Adults and children (from the age of 2): 


  • Flex fare package: 1 piece of baggage up to max. 23kg
  • Comfort fare package: 1 piece of baggage up to max. 32kg
  • No checked baggage is permitted in the Basic fare package


Small children (under the age of 2): 1 piece of max. 10 kg

In addition to the normal checked baggage allowance‚ a stroller or child seat can be checked-in free of charge.

Additional Baggage

You would like to carry an additional piece of luggage? We have following options for you:


  • Additional piece of baggage up to 23kg CHF 90 per flight leg *
  • Additional piece of baggage up to 32kg CHF 140 per flight leg *


Please book your additional luggage until latest 48h prior to departure either by calling our service center or online via the "Manage booking" function. The fee has to be paid at the time of booking. It is not possible to book additional baggage at the check-in counter.


Excess Baggage

We will transport your additional baggage for a fee of CHF 50 per flight leg. The excess baggage fee has to be paid directly at the airport by credit card. Please note that a baggage item may not exceed 32 kg.

Hand luggage

  • Maximum weight: 1 piece of max. 8 kg
  • Maximum dimensions: 55 cm length x 40 cm width x 20 cm height


Every passenger is allowed to take a maximum of one piece of hand luggage on board. It must be securely stowed under the front seat or in the overhead bin during the flight. Hand baggage will be inspected at check-in and at the boarding gate. Hand baggage that is too large or too heavy will be transported in the hold against a fee of CHF 50 per leg.


Restrictions for hand luggage

1. Liquids in containers with a maximum volume of 100 ml
You are permitted to take a total of one liter of liquids with you into the aircraft cabin. Please note however that these must be filled in individual containers of no more than 100 milliliter each. All liquids must be packed in a transparent‚ resealable plastic bag. Only one such plastic bag per person is permitted. This is also valid for children and infants.

2. Medication and special foods
Medication and special foods such as baby food can be taken on board. You are required to demonstrate the necessity of these liquids.

3. Duty-free articles in a sealed security bag
Duty-free articles must be sealed at purchase together with the receipt in a security bag with red border. Please note that this only applies to articles with a purchase receipt from the day of travel.
Duty-free items count as part of the regular hand baggage limit (8kg).


Carriage of Batteries

Please note that special care is required when transporting batteries. You will find all important information on the page of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.


* Airport Baggage rates

Additional Baggage / Sports Equipment

Checking in additional pieces of luggage without prior notification will incur higher fees at the airport.

For a second 23kg piece of luggage we charge CHF 140.
For a second 32kg piece of luggage we charge CHF 190.

A sports baggage costs CHF 140.- when checked in at the airport without advance notification.

Lost or Damaged Baggage

Has your luggage been damaged or lost? We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please proceed directly to the Lost & Found counter in the arrival hall at the respective airport and report the loss or damage. If you do not receive any feedback from the Lost & Found office within 5 days‚ please send the documents listed in the information sheet below for furhter processing of your case to