Information on sports baggage

Book your sports equipment latest 48 hours prior to departure either online or by calling our service center. The fee is CHF 90 per leg and must be paid at the time of booking. Only pre-registred sports equipment will be accepted at check-in. 


Chair customers can add their sports equipment via manage my booking:


Travel agency customers can add their sports baggage via the following link:


The items listed below are carried as sports equipment on Chair Airlines flights. Please note that the sports equipment must be properly packed in a bag or in a transport box: 

Category Description Number of pieces




Handlebars must be turnend inward, parallel to the frame. Front wheels must be locked, pedals turnend inward or removed. 1




The transport of e-bikes is only allowed wihtout battery. Furthermore the regulations
for bicycle apply.


Golf equipment


Golf bag with a set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees.  1




Maximum lenght 3,5 meters, fin removed. 1




Maximum lenght 2 meters, fin removed.  1


Ski or snowboard


One piece of luggage with a pair of skis (including ski poles) or a snowboard.
One piece of luggage for the corresponding boots. 


Dive equipment


One of luggage with one empty scuba tank. One piece of luggage with diving
accessories such as sknorkel, suit etc. Diving lamps must comply with the regulations of dangerous goods. 


Hang glider


One wing, one main frame and one set of sail batten. Maximum lenght 3,5 meters. 1


Para glider


Packed in an appropriate bag.  1


Inflatable canoe or stand up paddle


Packed in an appropriate bag. Air must be completely deflated. Fin must be removed.  1


*also used for an other board which is used for water sports


Sporting and hunting weapons

Special regulations apply to the transport of sporting' hunting weapons and ammunition. Weapon and ammunition must be packed in separate containers and checked in two separate pieces of baggage. Please contact our service center after booking your flight so that we can collect the necessary information. The fee for the transport of weapons is CHF 140 per way. The registration must be done at least 72h before departure.


It is not possible to register sporting weapons at the check-in counter.


For an additional check of the weapon at the airport, you must check in at least 3 hours before departure. Please note that additional fees may apply at the airport (payment by credit card).