Travelling with animals

Animals in the cabin (max. 6 kg)

Small dogs and cats can be taken into the cabin in a suitable container. Please note that the animal including container must not weigh more than 6 kg. For safety reasons the transportation box must be stowed under the seat in front of you during the entire flight and may not be placed on a seat. It is not possible to book an additional seat for your animal.

For the transportation of your pet in the aircraft cabin we charge a fee of CHF 90 per journey. Remember to bring all documents required for the entry and departure of your animal (valid pet passport‚ vaccination certificate and health certificate‚ etc.).


Transportation in the cargo hold (over 6 kg)

Animals heavier than 6 kg including the transport box are transported for you in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Your pet must be individually housed in a leak-proof and escape-proof transportation box of sufficient size. The animal must be able to stand and lie in it normally. Water and food containers that can be filled from the outside must be attached to the box.

Please note that we cannot transport dogs and cats with blunt noses (brachycephalic animals) such as pugs‚ bulldogs and Persian cats. Blunt-nosed breeds have anatomically constricted airways and may suffer from shortness of breath during the flight. Stress or high temperatures at departure or destination airports can lead to circulatory problems. Your animal may suffer serious health problems or even die during the journey.

For the transportation of your pet in the cargo hold we charge a fee of CHF 140 up to 20 kg and CHF 170 for 20 kg and more per journey.

If you do not want to miss your animal during the holidays‚ then register it up to 48 hours before departure with the registration form and have the transport confirmed in writing.